Francesca Cao is an Italian Documentary Photographer, she studied philosophy in Milan and worked with the photographer Mauro Galligani. In 2006 moves to New York to attend the International Center of Photography.
In 2008 earns the Tierney fellowship for her work “The Lion of Central Asia”, that has been exposed at the New York Photo festival ’09.
In 2009 was selected for Descubrimientos of PhotoEspana and attended the Eddie Adams workshop.
In 2011 the story of Ernestina, a woman that has been living in an asbestos temporary house for thirty years as a consequence of the 1980 Irpinia earthquake, becomes an exhibition along with the pictures of the photographer Michela Palermo, called My Broken World, that  travels through Milan, Rome, Rimini, Avellino, Foiano Fotografia festival and Bisaccia. In the same year starts working on the book project for her work “The Lion of Central Asia”.
In 2012 the project The Lion of Central Asia is selected for the Inge Morath award.
At the moment she’s working on the project called “Temporary Life”, that is a travel through Italy documenting the areas where the reconstruction after the earthquakes that happened in the  1900’s wasn’t accomplished, so that the wounds are still visible. In 2013 the dummy book of this body of work , called “Temporary Life” was finalist at the Unseen Dummy Award in Amsterdam. Temporary Life is now a book project in collaboration with Postcart.
Among her clients there are: The New York Times, Zoom Magazine, The Guardian Week End, Marie Claire, Wired, Il Corriere della Sera, IO donna, D- la Repubblica delle Donne and 24 magazine.