The Lion Of Central Asia


Isle D is the platform that is extracting gas and oil from Kashagan, a field in the north part of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan, considered to be one of the major Oil discoveries in the past thirty years.
The people that live there have 12 hours shifts, facing every day very hard climatic conditions and the isolation of leaving on an artificial isle.

The first oil discovery is dated 1979, when Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union.
From 1991 the main export becomes Oil and in 2003 they are valuated more than 7 billion dollars, representing the 65% of the total.
After these discoveries, president Nazarbaiev says, in a famous speech, that Kazakhstan will become “The Lion of Central Asia”, and decides in 1997 to move the capital to Astana.

Astana has huge and luxurious palaces, Tennis courts and monuments and the standards of leaving are high and totally westernizised. Almaty is an earthly paradise that will host the Asian winter Olympics in 2012, it’s the old capital and the biggest city in Kazakhstan.

In December 2008 the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe accuses Kazakhstan for lacking of the fundamental Human rights concerning freedon of expression and freedom of assembly.
The document about human rights in Kazakhstan asserts that there is a climate of quiet repression, witch causes silence on certain topics.